Oromos Should Defend Themselves against Atrocities and Massacre that is in violation of international Law
OLF Press Release on Oromo Massacre

The successive government of Ethiopia has settled people from other regions in Oromiya to contain Oromo
resistance. State structures have backed forced settlements and land grabbers to remove Oromo from their land
in the name of resettlement. Settlers were sources of intelligence and militia recruitment and were armed to the
teeth against the local people. Recently, these settlement camps have become the Federal government military
and intelligence backbone of militants called Fano from intruding into the Oromiya from the Amhara Regional
State. Evidence has repeatedly indicated that all the massacres perpetrated against the Oromo are vehemently
organized, deployed and supported by state intelligence and military apparatus.

On August 30 2022, these armed Fanno militants, supported by the settlers and the state security apparatus,
invaded the Agamsa town, Horr Guduru Zone and Oromiya Regional State and slaughtered more than 65 people,
consisting of the elderly, the young, and women. Militants looted cattle, shops and furniture. On September 3
2022, the same militant group killed 31 innocent people in Oromia Regional state, Horro Bulluq district, in Bone
Abuna and Gudina Abuna (Ganjii). Manya are wounded, property looted and destroyed. It is now confirmed that
Federal forces in civilian clothes were part of the attacking force under the cover of Fano.

OLF has expressed its outrage and condemned the killings against the citizens of Oromo in Dilla Gogola of Guliso
Woreda, Tole, Abuna Gindaberate, and North Showa and the brutal killing of Karrayu Abba Gada members. All the
killings were, we suspect, conducted by groups that have links with the government state structures or where
government forces have created a security lull knowingly or unknowingly in a possible alignment with the armed
groups. Such attacks were made on civiliansin anticipation of a new war or a blame game against Oromo or Oromo
political groups and a bid to evict Oromo from their father’s land. Government actors, including those leaders in
the apex, had condemned the killings framed to be perpetrated by the Oromo groups while they kept silent when
Oromo were slaughtered.

Such endless massacre of Oromo sons and daughters has been unabated since the establishment of Empire
Ethiopia in the 19th Century by Menelik and his surrogates. It is going to continue with no mechanism in sight to
control it. It can only stop if Oromo rise together and defend themselves. We thus call upon the Oromo people
to protect its sons and daughters, elderly and women and their property as the state structure has proved to be
in anarchy that is ruthless against Oromo. . The ages of death and agony must come to an end. The last four years
have shown that, more than any time, the death of the Oromo is becoming a mundane act that can be cheerfully
accepted by those groups in power.

We also call up the international community to discharge their duty in the spirit of international laws and human
rights protection protocols. They should not only condemn such acts but stop empowering a state which
discriminates among its citizens and use the death of the innocent for political gains.

Victory to Masses
September 5, 2022
Oromo Liberation Front