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  • The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) is a political organization established in 1973 by Oromo nationalists to lead the national liberation struggle of the Oromo people against the Abyssinian colonial rule. The emergence of the OLF was a culmination of a [Read More]
  • On Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts in Ethiopia The root cause of political problems in Ethiopia is national oppression by the Ethiopian empire state and refusal by the state to respect the rights of oppressed peoples to self-determination. The current Ethiopian [Read More]
  • Introduction The main purpose of this summary is to briefly introduce the Oromo people, their land, culture, civilization, history and the like. It is also to illustrate the experiences of the Oromo nation under Abyssinian colonial rule as well as [Read More]

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Civilian Killings Cannot Warrant Victory OLF Statement on Civilian Killings

  Civilian Killings Cannot Warrant Victory OLF Statement on Civilian Killings September 26 2022 While Ethiopia’s conflict and misery on civilians in the northern part of the country is known to the world, the atrocities in Oromia are effectively hidden; and the world chose silence. Engagements between government forces and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) are growing from time to time, the latter getting to the level of battling for the district towns and coming closer to bigger cities. In the name of eradicating the liberation armed force the government’s regular forces and Amhara Fano and Amhara Regional State’s militias [Read More]