The Irresponsible act of the Army of the Prosperity Party in Oromiya is Tantamount to Crime against Humanity

The Irresponsible act of the Army of the Prosperity Party in Oromiya is Tantamount to Crime against Humanity
OLF Press Release

The Prosperity Party’s Military called the National Defense Force of Ethiopia (ENDF), continued its inhuman and criminal acts against innocent civilians in different parts of Oromia. This time around, it has scaled up the use of Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV) or drones in targeting civilians irresponsibly and callously.
On January 21, 2024, in North Showa Zone, Degam District, Qindo Agamsaa kebele, this irresponsible army killed five civilians and injured two individuals. The deceased innocent civilians are: 1) Mr. Fiqiru Hordofa, 2) Mr. Shawa Shifarrawu, 3) Mr. Fiqadu Dadi, 4) Mr. Seyume Gada 5) Mr. Shifaraw (second name to be identified). The injured ones are named 1) Mr. Lami Gadaa and 2) Mrs. Dinqe Tarfa. In the same Zone, in a place called Yayya Haro, the houses of innocent civilians named: 1) Tarfa Tufa, 2) Darajje Mamo, 3) Zawude Ashine, 4) Shifarew Ashine, 5) Addisu Asaminew, 6) Fiqadu Teshome were burnt to ashes.
Likewise, on January 21, 2024, in the South-West Shewa Zone, Qarsa Malima District, Gibbiso Kebele, a vast Drone attack of three rounds using poison gas was conducted against civilian settlements where several lives were lost and the belongingness of civilians destroyed.
On January 22, 2024, in Southern Oromia, East Guji Zone, Adoola Rede District, Abbullo and Qararoo kebeles, many rounds of drone strikes killed several noncombatants civilians and demolished several houses. In these kebeles, too, the use of poison bombs has caused incalculable damage to the lives and property of innocent civilians.
Lastly, we would like to emphasize that Prosperity Party’s so-called National Defense Force of Ethiopia has shown its barbarism and recklessness several times in different parts of the country. We have tried to inform the peace-loving and human rights organizations occasionally. The world community has the responsibility to be a voice for the innocent, especially for those civilians who have become a target of the rogue regime’s military actions. Above all, the use of poison bombs against civilian settlements and groups is a crime against humanity. Several UN and international conventions have banned the use of poison bombs, let alone against civilians but against any combatant group.
We thus call up all peace-loving and human rights organizations and the UN to denounce this barbarism. We call upon the responsible organ of the UN to investigate the type and extent of the poison gas used in Oromiya in general and those places mentioned above in particular.
We also call upon the Oromo people to scale up their resistance against the rogue regime that has staged a barbaric act of using a poison bomb against their fellow kin in Oromiya. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

Victory to the Masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
January 23, 2024