Brutal and Extrajudicial Killings by the ENDF in Oromia Intensified.



Brutal and Extrajudicial Killings by the ENDF in Oromia Intensified.

OLF Press Release

No. stm 006/stm/2021   No.stm 002/stm/2021

Brutality has never silenced the oppressed masses in history.

The Prosperity Party-controlled Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) has mercilessly

perpetrated another round of inhumane action against innocent young men. On 30 August 2023,

the ENDF illegally incarcerated four young men, namely Hunde Benti, Tamsegen Dhina (aka

Daangaa), Firomsa Biniyam, and Waqtola Dereje from the Sudii kebele of Anfillo District, Qelem

Wollega Zone. They took them to Dambi Dollo town and detained them at kebele 02 at ‘02

Electric House’. The military beat, flogged, and denied them food and drinks. Reports unveil that

the victims were pleading with the military to end their lives due to the severity of torture and


On September 08, 2023, it is reported that the military murdered Temsegen Dhinaa among those

four incarcerated innocent young men. The where abouts of the rest of the detainee is not known.

On the same day, reports indicated a young man by the name of Galasa Jifara Dhaba, who was

living in Ambo town, was taken to his birthplace, Ambo District, Galaan Waddessa Kebele was

extrajudicially executed by the ENDF. On the same day and place, the ENDF repeated its brutality

and murdered another boy, 17 years old, called Inchala Taye Ajjama. In Sibu Sire District, Eastern

Wollega, Jarso Wama Kebele, another young boy named Danu Malkamu Gammada was

assassinated and through on the street. The beast scavenged his body. All these shocking actions

were taken without any due process of law and all were unarmed.

This round of brutal killings is not the first of its kind. In 2021, the Ethiopian armed security men

extrajudicially and publicly assassinated a young man by the name of Amanuel Wondimu at

Dambi Dollo town on a public square while the mother and relatives of the victim were crying

and pleading to spare the lives of their innocent son. In 2022, six university students were rounded

up in Nekempt town while watching television in their own houses and hard-heartedly

assassinated, accusing them of the fictitious and bogus name ‘Abba Torbe.’ In Mana Sibu district,

in 2023, the security forces massacred six young boys and girls and buried them in one hole like

a pit. Again all these were unarmed and were under ENDF custody and actions were taken without

due process of law.

Currently, districts in Western Showa Zone such as Ada’a Barga, Metta Walqixe, Metta Robi,

Jaldu, Chobi, and Gindabaret are put under communication blackout, and heavy weaponry is being

launched from around Minare town to villages to kill and terrorize the citizens. Heavy causality

of innocent farmers is recorded in these areas. Our records and similar press releases show

hundreds of similar cases where innocent citizens are targeted and extrajudicially executed.

These kinds of killings are going across Oromia and other regions for the last four years. The

regime’s inhumane, irresponsible, and barbaric act has now reached a point of no return. The

ENDF, which is supposed to defend the nation from external threats, has now focused on

brutalizing its citizens, especially the young ones who are the foundation of future generations.

The international community and human rights organizations should spare innocent and helpless

citizens. The international community should stand against such vicious acts. Moral, political, and

financial support for such a brutal regime that dehumanizes its citizens breaches international

morality, human rights conventions, and established values pertinent to the humane treatment of

helpless and innocent citizens. The Oromos should intensify their struggle to liberate themselves

from these brutal killings, torture, mistreatment, incarceration, etc.

Victory to the Masses!

Oromo Liberation Front

September 09, 2023