Prosperity Party’s ‘National Defense Force’ has continued its Appalling Atrocities

Oromo Liberation Front OLF

Prosperity Party’s ‘National Defense Force’ has continued its Appalling Atrocities
Against the Civilians.
OLF Press Release
The Prosperity Party’s commanded army that is scorching Oromia has continued its atrocious intimidation, killings and looting of helpless civilians in every corner of the region. With its publicly declared motto of ‘drying the ocean’, it purposely and systematically continued atrocious acts against the defenseless civilians and in particular the peasantry when one expects an army that presents itself as a national army to protect the civilians.
On 16 May 2024, in Sululta District of North Shewa Zone at a Kebele called Ganda Lilloo Chabeqa, the army looted 50 head of cattle and more than 20 quintals of grain from farmers who happened to be three brothers. They are:
1. Taddase Tsega
2. Abbay Tsega
3. Gaddisa Tsega
Realiable sources also indicate that several innocent civilians were kidnapped and whose whereabouts are unknown.
Likewise, in two zones of Bale, Arsi and East Shewa, the Prosperity Party’s army and party cadres ordered every peasant household to contribute 25kg of grain for the military, which was dearly running short of logistic supplies. In the same zones, the military ordered students from 5th grade to 12th to contribute 100 birr each to the army. They are intimidating and threatening the civilians who are unable and unwilling to contribute by accusing them of supporting OLA.
These are only the tip of the iceberg. There are numerous instances of such barbarism in every corner of Oromia and other regional states of the country. We thus call upon the internal and international human rights organizations and peace-loving people to stand by these agonized peasant population and stop the horrendous brutalities and make them known to the world. The lives of the peasantry are being destroyed in millions in an imaginable scale across the country in Ethiopia. We call upon the Oromo people to record all the atrocious acts being perpetrated against them.
Victory to the Masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
17 May 2024