OLF Press Release on the Heart-Breaking Draught Situation in Borana – Oromia Region


OLF Press Release on the Heart-Breaking Draught Situation in Borana – Oromia Region

OLF Press Release – October 17, 2021

It saddens us to report that our people of the Borana region, the powerhouse of Oromo culture and tradition, are under man-made and nature duress. For decades now, the region has housed as one of the strongest and persistent resistance struggles against the Ethiopian government for Oromo self-determination. This is not lost on successive Ethiopian regimes, who left the region without a shred of civilization, without sufficient roads, schools, hospitals, etc. In the backdrop of this regime induced hardship, that the recent drought befell on the Borana region.

The current drought is exacerbated by inaction and carelessness of the Ethiopian Prosperity Party and the Oromia Regional Government. While the Ethiopian Prosperity Party government has focused its full attention to the wars of its own creation: in the North with Tigrean Defense Forces and in Oromia with Oromo Liberation Army, tens of thousands are dying in the South, killed not only by security forces, but also because of drought which the government seems to have intentionally ignored.

Sadly, it has come to our attention that unless urgent action is taken to supply drinking water and food to the people and livestock in the Borana region, an immense proportion of calamity is in the coming. We have long observed excruciating pain in the Oromia region. The ongoing drought in the Borana region, a region that has taken exceptionally painful natural and political hits, is taking place while the world is in full compliance.

The OLF is aware of the effort of UN agency and would like to thank for their effort. However, the magnitude of this heart-breaking disaster could have been reduced if it has discharged its duty on time. We call on all NGOs, governments, friends of the Oromo people, able individuals, and neighbors to save the Borana people and environment before it is too late.

We call on citizens of Oromia all over the globe to give due attention and do all things possible to raise awareness on the situation of our people in Borana, mobilize all possible assistance to reach them stand shoulder to shoulder with them in this time of extreme hardship.

Victory to the Masses!


Oromo Liberation Front


October 17, 2021