Consuming the lives of Innocent Young People in Endless  Unjust  War  should Abate



Consuming the lives of Innocent Young People in Endless Unjust War should Abate.


OLF Press Release


OLF shall, in the most robust sense of the word, oppose the irresponsible and  endless forced military conscription launched by the government of Prosperity Party.


The Ethiopian Empire, for years, has lived on the blood of youngsters and tears of mothers. The socialist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam, throughout its cursed years of dictatorship, under its most agonizing slogan of ‘All to the War Front’ had consumed the hundreds and thousands of young people. Yet its final day was a demise, humiliation and disarray.


As if no lesson could be made from that brutal regime, the current Ethiopian regime is following the footstep of its predecessor. The Prosperity Party government has already decided to conscript hundreds and thousands of young people to the fire of war through forced rounding up. This week alone, 500 young men have been forcibly captured from the streets of Burrayu town and the homes of helpless citizens. The action is being intensified in Laga Tafo town and expanding to the recently established Sheger City adminstration. Poor young people would, in the coming days, also be taken from the prison houses and detention camps to the military training camps.


The last Tigray War has already sacrificed hundreds of thousands of young men and women. The war in Oromia is mowing down the lives of innocent young people. Additional preparation for another round of fights is a reckless act of irresponsibility.


Therefore, we strongly oppose this act of forced military conscription and throwing the lives of young and poor citizens into the indistinguishable flame only to safeguard one’s comfort and power.  The tears of mothers should stop. We believe that the priority agenda for citizens of Oromia should be to end the war on any front and engage in the establishment of the Oromia Regional National Transitional Government (ORNTG). We then, taking this opportunity, would call upon all citizens of Oromia and peace-loving national and global citizens to push for the  end of war in all fronts and end suffering peoples in Ethiopa.


Victory To The Masses!

Oromo Liberation Front

June 06,2023