The Prosperity Group has arrested OLF members and leaders again

The Prosperity Group has arrested OLF members and leaders again

OLF Urgent Press Release, December 20, 2020

OLFThe Ethiopian Prosperity Party group is expanding conflicts and instability over and over again and leading the country into extreme danger.

In the last two and half years, Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s ruling group, known as a Prosperity Party (PP), have been arresting, killing, and intimidating large number of opposition leaders, members and supporters and had been blocking their operations in the country. Particularly tens of thousands of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) leaders, members and supporters were arrested and the majority of them are still in known and unknown detentions. While the Ethiopian peoples and international communities are urging the ruling group to release political prisoners and resolve the crises peacefully the ruling group intensifies the atrocities and stick to armed force solutions to the country’s political problems.

As part of its crackdown operation, today 20 December 2020, the ruling group’s security forces have arrested 10 (ten) OLF personalities including leaders, members and journalists. The ruling group’s security forces have entered into their residence; searched their homes and private documents and confiscated their computers and mobile devices. The list of the arrested individuals are as follows:

  1. Mohamed Ragasa (Firaa’ol Jaalataa) – OLF Central Committee Member and Spokesperson of the OLF.
  2. Murataa Sabaa (Malka Danu)- OLF Central Committee Member
  3. Ayyaantuu Bulchaa (SBO)- Journalist (SBO).
  4. Ibsaa Gaaddisaa (SBO) – Journalist (SBO).
  5. Dr Gadaa Oljirraa – Office Adminstrator of OLF Chairman.
  6. Yeroosan Hayyuu( Organisational Affairs- Finfinnee area).
  7. Tumsaa (Asaffaa Fikadu) – Member of Organisational Affairs.
  8. Gurmuu Ayyanaa – OLF cadre.
  9. Geessisaa Kuusaa – Organisational Affairs- Mandii area.
  10. Lidia Ali Miseensa – Women Association member.

The whereabouts of these detainees are unknown so far.

Currently Ethiopia is indulged into extreme conflict. There is escalating security crises in Oromia; the war in Tigray region and associated humanitarian crises are immense; the conflicts in Benishangul-Gumuz are serious; the Southern nations, nationalities and peoples are in chaos; the border conflict between Ethiopia and Sudan and so on had put the country in total chaos and disintegration.

Despite these looming internal crises and tensions with neighboring countries, the ruling group is preparing itself for “national election” 2021. This is not only pretension but surprising fake to imagine an election under current widespread internal conflicts and tensions in the region. In this chaotic circumstance, the prosperity party is intensively preparing itself for one party election under practically no independent opposition parties by avoiding all opposition members. This obviously will lead to absolute dictatorship. The Ethiopian peoples have been in totalitarian iron fist rule for the last 50 years. The last two and half years of current regime is the worst chaos of all. Although the ruling party undertake these unstable situations for its ideological ambition of ‘one- language-one country’ and for winning election it has dangerous consequences on the peace, security and co-existence of the people.

The OLF would like to inform the Ethiopian peoples and the international community that Ethiopia heading to orchestrated protracted conflict, complete chaos and total state collapse. The clear indication of these danger is in the scene.

Therefore, we call up on the world community to take urgent and serious actions in urging the ruling group to release these detainees and the previous detainees. Particularly we call to the Ethiopian allies , the European Union, the African Union and human groups to immediately interfere in your capacities to curb these huge danger facing Ethiopia. We also call up on the Ethiopian peoples particularly Oromo and citizens of Oromia to stand up in unison to demand the release of political prisoners, peaceful dialogue and safe the country from this disaster.

Victory to the masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
20 December 2020
Finfinnee, Ethiopia