Instigating the Oromo Neighbors on the Oromo People does not extend the life of the EPRDF regime

Instigating the Oromo Neighbors on the Oromo People does not extend the life of the EPRDF regime

(Press release, Oromo Liberation Front, June 14, 2018)

The EPRDF led regime’s effort to arm and instigate people from neighboring regions of Oromia and those who reside in Oromia against the Oromo people has continued unabated. The series of recent crimes committed against Oromo residents of Hararge specifically in Cinaaqsan and Mi’eesso, and various places in Baalee region speak volumes. On June 9, 2018, crossing the Afar region and going as far as 60 kms into Oromia region, the EPRDF army and the so-called Somali Special Police (Somali Liyu Police) massacred Oromo residents of Mi’eesso. Invading the town of Cinaaqsan and its neighboring areas, they murdered a number of Oromo civilians. Similarly, the EPRDF army cruelly slaughtered an Oromo woman in the Baale region of Oromia. In fact, behind these campaigns stand the EPRDF leadership and army generals. It has now been a while since the EPRDF leaders and their cronies have launched their campaign on Oromo nationals living in the eastern and western parts of Hararge, Baalee, Gujii, and Borana areas by recruiting, organizing, and arming Somali nationals of the Somali region of Ethiopia and Somalia under the guise of the Somali Liyu Police. By summarily executing, confiscating their property, displacing them from their villages, and burning their homes, they are subjecting the Oromo people to crimes of untold proportions. There is no question that this campaign, planned and waged by the EPRDF leadership, targets all Oromos and regions of Oromia.

To an astute observer, it does not take much to understand that this campaign is an extension of the widely held EPRDF policy of cleansing the Oromos in general and encroaching upon the boundaries of their regional state, Oromia. It is a reflection of the EPRDF’s desire not only to quash the victories the Oromo people have achieved over the last three years, but also its futile effort to suffocate the political rights of the Oromo people on their own land. Furthermore, this undertaking shows that by intentionally creating a mistrust among people of various ethnicities and instigating them against one another, the EPRDF is teetering on the verge of its own demise. In doing so, the EPRDF is marching hand in hand with the group of Somalians who are working hard at realizing the former president of Somalia, Ziyadbare’s dream of “greater Somalia”. This policy of the EPRDF and its actions clearly demonstrate that the party is not only the enemy of the Oromo people but also dangerous to the Ethiopian people and the empire itself. Taking the eradication of Oromo nationalism from Ethiopia as its primary goal, the EPRDF is indeed committing a crime of untold proportions on Oromia and the Oromo people. Considering these facts, it is not an exaggeration to conclude that under the EPRDF regime, the Oromo people have suffered the greatest mass incarceration, pushed off their homeland in droves, and their properties ransacked. It is for these reasons that the Oromo people have finally awakened and unequivocally declaring the need to end the EPRDF regime and its suppression. As a result, the EPRDF regime is taking any steps necessary to destroy the Oromo people before its own demise. It is for these reasons that by instigating other groups against the Oromos, the EPRDF is attempting to buy time for itself. It is for this reason that for more than a year and half, by organizing, funding and directing the Somali Liyu Police, who are operating at the whims of the TPLF generals, the EPRDF have been massacring the Oromo people.

In addition, the EPRDF is also striving to create greater discord among the Oromo and Harrari people, the Oromos and Afar people, the Oromo and Geediyoo people, and the Oromo and Amhara people. Recently, for example, while they have managed to instigate the Guji Oromo and Geediyoo people, and the Oromo people of Walloo region and the people of Afar, they failed to do the same among certain people of the Amhara ethnic group who reside in Oromia and the Oromo people, and Hararii people and the Oromos. Exposing the EPRDF’s sinister efforts, their failure to instigate similar conflicts among the Oromos at large and people of various ethnic origins in various parts of the country, is subjecting them to humiliation and significant political crisis. Contrary to its wishes, the EPRDF’s sinister effort to instigate Oromo neighbors on the Oromos has strengthened the unity among Oromos and their determination to stand against its wishes. Elders of Oromos and other nationalities and religious leaders have started to speak that we have nothing other than the leaders of the EPRDF that is pitting us against one another. In short, it can be said that contrary to their whims, we have come to a stage where everyone getting very well aware of the sinister efforts of the EPRDF to extend its life.

Of all ethnic groups, nations and nationalities who make the Ethiopian empire, the Oromo people account for the largest proportion in both population and the area of the land they occupy. Beyond its population and land mass, the Oromo people cross paths with more than 40 nations and nationalities. There are also other minor ethnic groups like Manzi, Hararii, and the Argobba, who reside in Oromia. A number of other neighboring ethnic groups have various cultural, social and historical connections with the Oromo people. Up to the point that the TPLF/EPRDF regime started to spoil their peace, these people have peacefully co-existed with each other.

The OLF strongly believes that the relationship that exists between the Oromo people and its neighbors should be one that is of goodwill, peace, and respect for one another. The OLF policy position is that Oromia’s peace rests on the respect and equality it accords and receives from neighboring people. With respect to the border disagreement between the Oromo people and that people in the Somali region of Ethiopia administration, owing to the relationship it has with the Ogaden liberation front, the OLF has been working to resolve the issue working on awareness of the two brotherly nations. To limit the disagreement from aggravating further, we continue to work on it through the elderly members of our society and all other means feasible. At the same time, to stand against the forces from Somalia befriending the EPRDF government encroaching the borders of Oromia, we have no alternative other than mobilizing our people and defend themselves. To this end, we call upon the Somali people of Ethiopia to stand together with the People of Oromia. There is no doubt that the “Somali Liyu Police” was primarily organized to quash the wishes of the Somali people of Ethiopia. This criminal and unlawful force targeting the Oromo and Somali people fighting the TPLF regime has no alternative but to be disarmed and disbanded immediately. It is not far too long before the efforts of the ordinary and oppressed people of Oromia and other parts of the Ethiopian regime uproots the belligerent forces of the EPRDF reigning in the supremacy of the law and freedom of the people. We have no doubt forces such as the Somali Liyu Police force who are serving the interests of the TPLF/EPRDF will soon find their demise with the EPRDF. Instigating Oromo neighbors on the Oromo people will not extend the life of the EPRDF regime!

Victory to the Oromo people !
Oromo Liberation Front
June 14, 2018