A Call for Establishment of an Interim Arrangement in Ethiopia and Start an All-Inclusive Political Dialogue among the Stakeholders.


A Call for Establishment of an Interim Arrangement in Ethiopia and Start an All-Inclusive Political Dialogue among the Stakeholders.


OLF Presse Release- June 25, 2021


By analyzing the significance of the political, security and constitutional crises that have been facing the country, we have indicated in our previous press releases that any election held in such a situation could not be legitimate, fair, and free. And therefore, we have called for the government and other stakeholders to divert their focuses and resources from election to arranging an all-inclusive political dialogue and consensus-building how to resolve outstanding political issues. Unfortunately, however, by ignoring our proposal and recommendations, the group in government continued to push forcefully for the “national” election. We believe that we all have now learned that the push for the election offered nothing but the losses of many lives and resources.


It is so sad to see such a significant loss of life and properties while warning the group on power that the election would not resolve the crisis. We called for all the stakeholders that Ethiopian political problems need political dialogue, not an election. But sadly, the government carried out the election while knowing it will not produce any solution to the existing crises. As anticipated, it is now evident that the aggressive move for the election cost the country a tremendous amount of resources and in human lives.


Our understanding that the purpose for the government to push for the National election was to maintain the status quo at any cost that potentially enables them to remain in power. To the end, the government was purposely escalating conflicts and wars across the country. However, our people did not fall for such sinister government intentions and instead our people showed calmness and patience though not without price. The OLF would like to thank the Ethiopian peoples, particularly the citizens of Oromia, for outsmarting the government carders and not buy-in the violence that they have mushroomed for so long. It is because of such maturity of our people that today terrible violence and anarchy is effectively avoided in our society. As a political organization, we would like to extend our appreciation to the Oromo people, specifically our members and supporters, the Oromo youth movement and its structures, and the Oromia Regional National Transitional Government (ORNTG) committee both here in Oromia and diaspora for not falling for such government intentions. The administration of the ORNTG also utilized the Oromia citizens to avert the incitements planned by government cadres and agents during the election and post-election violence in Oromia and beyond.


Once again, the OLF highlights that the process and the outcome of the election held on June 21, 2021, were unacceptable by any standard. Few political parties have participated in the election while knowing its intentions and irregularities mainly caused by government structures. Hence, we call upon those political parties to refrain from inciting any violence on differences over issues of trickery of the election and its outcome. Inciting any public unrest on such issue is both politically and morally unacceptable. Instead, it is now the time to seek solutions for the crises facing our peoples and the country. And therefore, we strongly call on all political parties to focus on the following resolution and work toward its implementation without any further delay:


  1. To pave the way to start a serious an all-inclusive political dialogue among the stakeholders, work to establish an interim body like the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) Salvation Government.
  2. We call upon the Ethiopian National Defense Force and the President of the FDRE to work toward securing peace and the establishment of the FDRE Salvation Government.
  3. Immediately stop the wars and conflicts across the country and the withdrawal of the Eritrean troops and their security personnel from FDRE. Withdrawal of the Eritrean forces from Ethiopia is crucial for the sake of both Eritrea and the FDRE.
  4. We call upon the Ethiopian peoples and all political entities to carry out their duties and responsibilities accordingly.
  5. We urge the international communities and the peoples in Ethiopia to pressure all the stakeholders to establish a transitional system that paves the way for political dialogue.
  6. Lastly, we want to be clear that the Oromia Regional Transitional government (ORNTG), will work with all Nations and Nationalities to bring about peace and stability to the country and all efforts to achieve meaningful political dialogue.



Victory to the Masses!

Oromo Liberation Front.

June 25, 2021