Arbitrary Killings and Detentions of Civilians are Marks of Dictatorial Regimes



Arbitrary Killings and Detentions of Civilians are Marks of Dictatorial Regimes
OLF Press Release
September29, 2022
Illegal detention and brutal and arbitrary killings by the Property Party regime in Ethiopia have continued
unabated since our last press release on a similar case.
The regime has intensified brutal killings of innocent people detained in several prison houses and police stations
in Oromiya. A teacher named Talilaa Girma, born in Warra Jarso District of North Shewa Zone went to visit his
wife and children who live in Beddele, South West Oromia. He was captured without a court warrant at Dapho
Hanna District. On September 3 2022, under cover of darkness, the regime’s police took him away from the police
station and killed him at a place called 77. Besides, sixteen innocent civilians were killed in the same way.
In Horro Guduru Zone, Shambu town, on September 28 2022, the regime’s security forces again took eight people
from the prison and assassinated them cold-bloodedly. People named Gaddisa Fiyyisa, Dessalegn Magarsaa (father
of two children, and Wase were those whose names are identified for the moment.
Today, September 29 2022, in Burrayu town, just on the outskirts of Finfinnee, the regime’s police took Mr
Alemayew Diro, a father of 7 children and head of the OLF Legal and Discipline Committee, to prison houses.
Earlier, Mr Alemayew was detained several times by the regime security forces without trespasses. He is known
for peacefully advocating for Oromo causes and has been an active member of the OLF. Mr. Alelmayehu’s mother
passed recently and he was on mourning. We demand the immediate release of this innocent citizen whose further
custody is detrimental to his family and the Oromo.
Last week, the regime’s security forces also arrested Prf. Gammachu Megarsa (later released), a renowned
researcher and public intellectual. Such an irresponsible act was meant to intimidate and harass Oromo intellectuals
who voiced their concerns against the regime’s human right violation, lack of level-field political space, and the
ever-increasing insecurity and deterioration of peace, which inevitably leads to a worsened political and
humanitarian disaster.
Another ugly face of the current action of the regime is that they are massively taking detained young civilians from
the prison houses and police stations to the military training camps. After one or two weeks of shallow training,
they take them to the war front in the north and Oromiya. Underaged school boys and girls are also victims of this
brutality. It is like playing a game with the lives of innocent young men and women and huge crises for the nation.
The brutal killings of people, who are supposed to be under legal protection when they are in detention, is an
incalculable breach of all national and international humanitarian laws that all peace-loving individuals and
organizations should condemn and take legal action against the regime that sponsors these terror acts. We, therefore,
call upon the international community to act responsibly. In particular the current desperate actions of the regime
and the trend in Ethiopia in general should be concern to all to as downward slide are right at the door of everyone.
We all call upon the Oromo to stand against such inhumanity in all means available to them.
Oromo Liberation Front
September 29, 2022.