Civilian Killings Cannot Warrant Victory OLF Statement on Civilian Killings


Civilian Killings Cannot Warrant Victory
OLF Statement on Civilian Killings
September 26 2022
While Ethiopia’s conflict and misery on civilians in the northern part of the country is known to the
world, the atrocities in Oromia are effectively hidden; and the world chose silence. Engagements
between government forces and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) are growing from time to time, the
latter getting to the level of battling for the district towns and coming closer to bigger cities.
In the name of eradicating the liberation armed force the government’s regular forces and Amhara
Fano and Amhara Regional State’s militias and Special Forces have regularly invaded several districts
(woredas) and kebeles of Western Oromia, especially Horro Guduru and East Wallaga zones. One is
encouraged to remember our press release regarding the killings of more than 63 innocent civilians
around Agamsa town on August 30 2022, and the slaughtering of 31 civilians at Bune Abuna and Gudina
Abuna on September 3, 2022, by Fano, Federal Forces and Amhara Regional State Special Forces.
To make matters worse, from September 22, 2022 to September 26, 2022, Amhara Regional Forces and
Fano perpetrated another barbaric cruelty against the civilians. In a well-coordinated military onslaught,
they slaughtered more than 100 civilians in Jardaga Jarte and Amuru Districts at places called Kiltu Cheka,
Haroo Waloo, Tombee, Dangab, Haro Guddina and Darge Koticha. The same atrocities are ruthlessly
conducted in Amuru District at specific places such as Agamsa Town, Migir, Sammoo,Waasitti, Luma’a,
Jawaja, Jaboo Doobban, Chidhatti, Gobuu, Nyaaree, Makkannoo, Shookee and Damgaab Siiddan. In
Kiramu District at Haro sub-disrtrict (kebele) similar atrocities took place. The invading Amhara Special
Force supported by thousands of armed civilians in traditional war drum and trumpets were mobilized
by Federal Forces and Amhara Militias. Locals and survivors clearly depict how Federal Government’s
security forces, Amhara Regional State Special Forces and Fano have carried out a well-coordinated
attack against the helpless civilians, including the elderly, women and children. Targeting and masskillings of one particular national, namely the Oromo, to wipe them out of their land are genocidal or a
crime against humanity. Though this project is futile, the government has effectively succeeded in pitting
one people against the other. Yet the consequences are hard to imagine. The OLF has repeatedly warned
the Ethiopian peoples and the international community on this issue.
These endless atrocities against unarmed innocent civilians have now reached their ugliest stage. So
far, the government’s reckless military operation could not get to the level it aimed at. It only
exacerbated civilian death, destruction of property, displacement and suffering. Recruiting under aged
school children is a criminal act; but it has become the rule in Ethiopia. The military approach has never
solved any form of conflict in Ethiopia; however, it has become the culture for successive Ethiopian
regimes. Obviously, this regime is going to terribly lose the game after consuming hundreds of thousands
of lives.
The OLF would like to remind again the Oromo in particular those repeatedly targeted in Horro
Guduru Zone to defend their children and property as they are left with no option. The government has
violated its own constitution and international law arrogantly. We also call up on all stakeholders to
protect unarmed civilians and their property without any discrimination based on religion and or
nationality. Unarmed civilians must be protected and their safety assured.
OLF also expresses its dismay towards the international community’s silence and passivity while such
despicable human suffering and death are recorded daily in Oromia. Oromia has now become another
theatre of human suffering and death. International communities and governments have the duty and
responsibility to speak against these atrocious acts of the Ethiopian government forcesto discharge their
responsibilities as signatories of several human rights protection instruments. One should be reminded
of the international community’s lack of appropriate action and inaction regarding the process that led
to genocides in other countries.
Oromo Liberation Front
September 26 2022