OLF Denounces the Assassination Attempt Against the Senior OLF Member and Former Leadership, Dr. Degafa Abidsa, in Norway.

Oromo Liberation Front OLF


OLF Denounces the Assassination Attempt Against the Senior OLF Member and Former Leadership, Dr. Degafa Abidsa, in
No. stm 006/stm/2021
OLF Presse Statement
stm 002/stm/2021
On November 17, 2023, a group of criminals perpetrated inhumane beating and assassination attempts against a senior
member and former Executive Committee member of OLF, Dr. Degafa Abdisa Tuchoo. The OLF asked what went around and
in his house on November 17, 202 and here is his account of the incident. Four men (three of them masked their faces while
one white man, with a mark on his face) put off power from Dr.Degafa’s residence in Oslo, Norway. When he went out from
his breakfast table to see what was going on around in the compound of his residence, the criminals pushed him back into
his house beat him several times, knocked him down, tied his hands on his back, and drugged him on the ground. When Dr.
Degafa screamed in the bid for help, the criminals left him on the floor unconscious. He was taken to the hospital but is
currently in a critical condition.
Such a horrific act has been committed by those who detest our genuine quest for political right several times through the
last decades in many parts of the world. In the 1970s, Mr Fayisa Ejeta in Khartoum was a victim of an assassination attempt.
In the 1980s, Dr. Fido (Taddasa) Ebba, Reverend Hassal Blat, and Mr. Taye Tafera were subjected to grenade attacks; however,
luckily, they survived. In 1993, Jatani Ali was mercilessly assassinated in Nairobi; while Mr. Mul’is Gada a member of OLF
Executive Committee member was assassinated in Mogadishu in 2000 GC. What is so worrying this time is that the attempt
against Dr. Degafa’s life has happened in the heart of the world’s most peaceful and one of the most democratized nations,
Norway, where people are respected for their views.
Dr Degafa is a peaceful person who serviced his fellow Norwegian citizens and the Oromo people for decades through his
professional career as a medical doctor. Back in Oromiya, he served as a medical director of the famous Black Lion Hospital
for years, where he managed to transform the hospital’s service into one of the best hospitals in the country. He has traveled
to several African refugee camps to help his fellow helpless Oromos and other refugees. Dr. Degafa is a selfless human being
who sacrificed his whole life to ethically and humanely discharged his responsibility as a medical professional.
Denouncing this criminal act, we have high hope and expectation that the Norwegian Government takes every action to
conduct a thorough and independent investigation against perpetrators and bring the culprit to the court of law.
We also call upon all Oromos in Norway and everywhere in the world to denounce this barbaric act and support our
comrade while he is in hospital and stand by his families and friends.

Victory to the Masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
November 18, 2023