The Prosperity Party government must stop Physically and Psychologically torturing political prisoners and their Families.

Oromo Liberation Front OLF


The Prosperity Party government must stop Physically and Psychologically torturing
political prisoners and their Families.
OLF Press Release- February 10, 2022

The Ethiopian government, led by the Prosperity party (PP), has continued cracking down on political dissent,
particularly on members and supporters of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The PP security apparatus has been
torturing senior OLF leaders and members by unlawfully detaining and keeping them in prisons without any due
court trial process. They have been kept in different police stations and detention centers away from families and
The PP government’s violations against prisoners occur at different detention centers. Burayu detention center is
one of the stations where prisoners are poorly handled and served. In protest against these poor conditions, senior
OLF leaders have been boycotting lunch for a long time. Mr. Mikael Boren, Kenessa Ayana, Dawit Abdeta, Lemi
Begna, Geda Gabisa, and Bate Urgessa are among those who have boycotted lunch for a while. As a result, these
senior leaders’ health and overall physical and psychological well-being deteriorate daily. Families of these senior
members are blocked from visiting them and are always under constant harassment.

Colonel Gammachu Ayana was following unending court appointment for long time. Although freed by the court
yesterday, Colonel Gemechu Ayana still suffers in Mexico Police detention centre.
Of the many senior OLF leaders and members kept in prison by the PP government, about 30 of them are detained
at Sebeta police station. And recent reports unveiled that several of these political prisoners are being deprived of
food, water, and other basic humanitarian needs. Mr. Dechassa Wirtu, Journalist Bikila Amenu, and Journalist
Dessu Dula are among those who are not allowed to be served food. Sergeant Dejene Kebede, head of the Sebeta
police station guard, is reported to have trashed the food that families and relatives bring to the station for the
prisoners. It is disconcerting to the families, relatives, OLF, and the Oromo people that these unlawfully imprisoned
citizens and leaders are further deprived of the basic human needs that they need to exist.

It is unfortunate to continue witnessing the PP government’s gross human rights violations against citizens, and
contrarily, it seems that the PP government is getting a free pass for such gross human rights violations. As we
write this press statement, the physical, psychological, and health conditions of thousands of the OLF leaders and
members in countless PP’s detention centers across Oromia are extremely worrisome. And these leaders and their
families are going through such tortures by the PP government just for their political views. The situation is no
different in other regional states across Ethiopia.

Therefore, the OLF calls upon the international communities, particularly human rights organizations, to stand with
and voice for these political prisoners. We would also like to call upon the Oromo people to pay attention to these
leaders’ well-being and stand in solidarity with them and their families.
Victory to the masses
Oromo Liberation Front
February 10, 2022