Prosperity Party’s Government Barbaric Civilian Killings Continued in Oromiya.


Prosperity Party’s Government Barbaric Civilian Killings Continued in Oromiya.
OLF Statement on Civilian Killings
November 10, 2022

In Western Oromiya, the Prosperity Party, which is single-handedly controlling the political and security
structures of the Government of Ethiopia, is barbarically and irresponsibly intensifying civilian massacre.
On November 09, 2022, its air force deployed Mig-29 fighter jet to western Oromiya and bombarded two
places in Mandi town and the suburbs around Dalatti in a round of four attacks. Our reliable sources indicate
that the bombs used on civilians can cover a 600m radius, where there is an absolute chance of destroying
massive civilian installations and lives nearby. Credible sources indicate that more than 100 people were
injured, most of them killed. This is not the first of its kind. We kindly remind the peace-loving citizens and
the International Community of our earlier reports on similar barbaric killings.
On November 02, 2022, a similar air raid, targeting civilian areas, killed more than 80 people in Bila town
of western Wollega, an informer told the BBC Afaan Oromo, besides our reports. AP local informant reported
that he saw ‘bodies scattered on the ground, hit by ‘small flying plane’ indicating a drone attack against the
civilians; the actual attack was Mig air bombing. Our sources from Bila confirm that the attack was conducted
at the exact time when students were released from school. AP’s reports validate that dozens of 11th grade
students were among the victims. The latest reports, which we are working on to validate, unveil a list of 129
individuals as victims.
On October 20, 2022, the Federal Government Airforce conducted an air raid in West Showa Zone, Metta
Walikte District, and Minare town, 80 km from Finfinnee, and killed and injured more than 70 innocent
civilians. Among the victims are three people from a single family. A similar air raid has taken more than 60
lives in Chobi, western Shoa.
October 23, 2022, a Mig-29 air raid in Eastern Showa Zone, Fantalle District; Western Showa Zone, Metta
Waliqite, and Gindeberet Districts; and Eastern Wollega Zone Nunnu Qumba District killed and wounded
several civilians. In many of these places, houses and other belongings of the victims, especially livestock,
which are the basis of their livelihoods, were severely destroyed.
The OLF again calls upon the UN and international and national human rights organizations to investigate
these savage killings of civilians, women, children and the elderly. It is incumbent on all peace-loving
individuals and organizations to discharge their duties. We particularly call upon the United Nations Human
Rights Council to deliver its responsibility to conduct an independent investigation into this heinous and
barbaric act of intended civilian targets.
Victory to the Masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
Finfinnee, November 10, 202