On the EC of the OLF Meeting – Oromo People

On the EC of the OLF Meeting - Oromo People
The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) Executive Committee (EC) held its regular meeting from the 1st to the 11th of September, 2016, and deliberated on many issues and made fitting resolutions. The EC heard reports of its departments and issued directives and guidelines on the various activities of the organization. The EC dealt in depth on the ongoing Oromo people’s popular movement for liberation and justice, in particular by the youth (Qerroo). The ongoing mass movement for justice and freedom in Konso, Majagir, Gambella, Sidama, Benishangul, Ogaden, Walqayit, Gondar, Gojam in particular were also discussed. The discussion also included the current situation in the world at large and in particular in Horn of Africa and Africa as they relate to the Oromo people’s liberation struggle. The nature of the fascist regime of Ethiopia in its continuing massacre of unarmed and innocent people was analyzed. After thorough discussion of the above issues the EC issued the following proposals and resolutions.

  1. To the general Oromo public
    In the Ethiopian empire, the Oromo people have suffered in several aspects of their lives including denial of their identity, mass killings, and imprisonment, confiscation of their land and other properties and forced exile. The Oromo people has been in a bitter liberation struggle for several years to bring change to this situation. Under the leadership of the OLF they have achieved a lot and yet they continue to pay enormous sacrifices for the total liberation from the Colonial rule of over a century and half. During the last 11 months in particular, the Oromo youth (Qeerro) has been the main force in the society in the struggle to realize the goal of liberation and to be free from the savage rule of the regime in power through non-violent popular movement.The OLF assures the Oromo people that it will continue to lead the struggle for liberation till total freedom is achieved.
  2. To the OLA, members of the leadership and all members and supporters
    Members of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), leaders at various levels of the organization, all members of the OLF – working under very difficult circumstances and paying enormous sacrifices including in lives to advance the progress of our liberation struggle – The gains have been enormous for the Oromo nation. And the day of total liberation of our people is fast moving to its desired goal. We in the EC greatly admire your commitment and selfless sacrifices and are proud of you. We are confident that you continue your important role and commitment till full liberation.
  3. To Oromo nationals who were members or supporters of the OLF
    It is understood that our people’s liberation struggle is fast moving to its desired goal and to its final chapter. We would like to call up on those of you who were at one time or another members or supports the vanguard organization, the OLF but due to various reasons are out of duty, to come and rejoin your organization and participate in your people’s national liberation struggle at this critical junction.
  4. To Oromo communities in diaspora
    Under the present government, more than ever before in their history, large number of Oromo have been forced to flee their beloved homeland, Oromia, in search of secure environment to live in. The number of Oromo who left their land in the last 20 years is quite significant, numbering in hundreds of thousands.The vital material, moral and diplomatic support by many in the diaspora have contributed to sustaining the ongoing national liberation struggle led by the OLF. In addition to the material support, the diplomatic effort to introduce the Oromo people and the injustice committed against it to governments and human right organization in particular is having significant impact. The OLF leadership further encourages Oromo nationals in diaspora to continue their essential support to the effort to the freedom of our people from occupation.
  5. To Oromo Political Organizations who have recently agreed to work together:
    To dismantle the TPLF/EPRDF occupying force from Oromia and ascertain the liberation of our people, it is very necessary to pull our human and material resources together speedily. It is to be recalled that we independent Oromo political organizations came together not long ago and agreed to work together and created a body – the Coordinating Committee of Oromia Liberation Organizations – to coordinate the efforts of these organizations. We wish to reiterate our genuine commitment to work for the success of this committee.
  6. To the Oromo cronies of fascist TPLF/EPRDF regime:
    The fascist regime of TPLF and its Oromo cronies, the OPDO (Oromo People’s Democratic Organization) leadership has continued to massacre, imprison and exile hundreds of thousands of innocent Oromo. Particularly in the recent mass rallies and demonstrations against TPLF occupation of Oromia, these cronies have under the order of their masters participated in the killings, maiming, imprisoning and mistreating of their own people. Admiring those nationalists who stand on the side of the people, the OLF warns the OPDO members against continuing cooperation with the enemy in its inhuman acts against your own people. Join your brothers and sisters in the struggle for the liberation of your own people.
  7. To the Oromo national serving in the Ethiopian army and security service and those working in the various branches of the government:
    The TPLF/EPRDF regime is engaged in mass killings, imprisonment and exiling of hundreds of thousands of Oromo nationals. We call on Oromo nationals serving the regime’s army and security service in particular and in other government departments to stand on the side of your people at this very difficult time when the barbaric acts of the regime is threatening the very survival of the Oromo people. If you don’t side with your people at this crucial time of the Oromo liberation struggle, history and future generations will judge you harshly.
  8. To Ethiopian political organizations:
    OLF has respect for political organizations having presence on the ground in Ethiopia and working with their own peoples to dismantle the Wayyaane dictatorial regime. Today, the situation of our peoples on the ground should forces us to work together to save lives and work for freedom and justice for all. We invite you to join us in the Peoples’ Alliance for Democracy (PAFD) re-organized by a number of people’s liberation organizations in the recent past. Time and the situation of our peoples demand of us to work together to remove the brutal regime that is killing our peoples and to help bring peace and stability to the region as a whole.
  9. Regarding the recent peoples’ mass movements in different parts of the Empire:
    The OLF admires and strongly supports the ongoing peoples’ movements against the TPLF/EPRDF dictatorial rule by the peoples of Konso and Majangir. We strongly condemn the killings, imprisonments, forced eviction and other acts of violence against the peoples of Konso and Majangir by the cruel regime of Ethiopia.The anti-TPLF/EPRDF people’s movement in the Amhara administrative region particularly in Gonder and Gojam, we trust is genuine and it is the people’s reaction the twenty-five years of brutality. We support this Amhara people’s movement for freedom and justice against the ferocious regime. We condemn in the strongest terms the killings, maiming, mass imprisonments and the appropriation of their land and other properties by the regime. We urge the people of Gondor and Gojam to continue their struggle and urge others to join hands with their brothers elsewhere in continuing the struggle for freedom till the savage regime is removed.
  10. Regarding the Ethiopian regime:
    The TPLF rulers should know that killings, life and long term imprisonment of Oromo sons and daughters will not deter the Oromo people from struggling for their liberation, justice and human dignity. The Oromo people’s struggle is a just struggle and history is on their side. Yes, it is a sad time for the Oromo people who are losing their children daily, but they realize very well that freedom is not for free and the shading of their daughters and sons blood will not be in vain.The OLF strongly condemns the senseless killings and imprisonment of Oromo nationals and others by the murderous regime of TPLF. The cruel and inhuman TPLF regime’s leaders who are perpetrating the gross human rights violations of the Oromo and the other peoples in Ethiopia: you are on a “borrowed time”. The Oromo and other peoples in Ethiopia longing for freedom and justice shall prevail.At the same time the OLF will continue to call upon the regime to refrain from actions of desperation and to seriously consider accepting the OLF’s position that a peaceful and negotiated settlement all issues in Ethiopia is the best way to resolve the serious struggles for freedom and justice in the empire.
  11. Regarding war of genocide waged by TPLF/EPRDF against the Oromo people:
    Many human rights organizations have presented tangible evidences that the Ethiopian regime has been massacring, imprisoning in mass, mistreating the population in large parts of the country including Oromia, Gambella, Benishangul, Sidama, Ogaden, Konso, Majangir and most recently in the Amhara region. We appeal to concerned bodies in the international community to investigate the serious crimes committed by the Ethiopian regime against the peoples under its rule and raise the issue with the ICC.In spite of face of gross human rights violations by the Ethiopian regime, some governments and organizations continue to support the regime militarily, diplomatically and financially. In the name of our people, we ask these governments to stop supplying the Ethiopian government the bullets that are killing our people.The Oromo people and our organization appreciate the work of many human rights organizations in their continuous work of exposing the Ethiopian government crimes against humanity.

Victory to the Oromo people!

Oromo Liberation Front

September 12, 2016

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