OLF press release on the Murder of Young Oromo Civilians in Nakamte, West Oromia


OLF press release on the Murder of Young Oromo Civilians in Nakamte, West Oromia

OLF Press release – December 19, 2021


The OLF denounces in strongest terms the fresh cold blood murder of the four Young Oromo civilians in Nakamte town, west Oromia. The Prosperity Party (PP) Government has continued intentionally targeting the dynamic Oromo youngsters to intimidate the Oromo people’s national struggle for freedom and democracy.

As it is grand aim of suppressing Oromo people’s struggle for freedom and democracy, the Government of PP is intensifying its cruel acts on Oromo people. It is obvious now that the prosperity party ruling group is guided by the ‘Menelik II Revival Project’ from its inception. The extension of this project is fully engaged in massacring important individuals and groups in Oromo communities. These targeted and systematic killings are widespread throughout Oromia and currently reached at a dangerous stage. The frequencies of the individual and mass murders are increasing day by day. The Oromo people especially the youngsters, leaders, educated elites, businessmen and elders with wisdom are continuously hunted and killed in all corners of Oromia.

As part of these systematic genocide on Oromo people, we are once more witnessing the shocking cold blood murdering of four Oromo youngsters on 18 December 2021, in Nakamte, west Oromia. This brutal murder of civilian young boys was planned by PP government and carried out by ruling group’s special armed forces. The victims were Abubakar Nuree, Nimoonaa Ijjiguu, Amanu’eel Habtaamuu, and Zakiruu Ittaanaa. The bodies of these victims had been thrown in the forest near the Nakamte city. Additional shocking is that they are refused to be buried by their families. This inhumane act is not only to increase trauma on the families and friends of victims but challenging to the Oromo people at large.

These youngsters were loved and respected individuals in the Oromo society. Abubakar Nuree has played significant role in coordinating and leading Oromo youth movement for freedom and democracy from 2014 to 2018. Nimoonnaa Ijjiguu has similar contributions to the struggle for freedom and democracy and was the author of a book known as ‘Alanfannaa Bishaani’ that contributed to the Oromo literature. Amanu’eel Habatamuu and Zakiruu Ittaanaa had similar contributions to the freedom movement. These youngsters had contributed not only to the struggle for freedom and democracy of the Oromo people but also for the whole country as they enlightened the Ethiopian peoples to seek peaceful resolution to the complex political situations in Ethiopia. Abubakar Nuree and Nimoonnaa Ijigguu had been arrested by the PP intelligence in 2018 for their political views and were detained in Finfinnee police commission and Kilinto prisons. After long time languishing in detention the court decided to release them as there was no any evidence for wrong doings. They have been murdered just short time after they had been released from prison.


Similarly, the government of PP continued the massacre of Wollo Oromos. We are witnessing the recent mass murder of Wallo Oromos in which 47 Wallo Oromo youngsters were killed and thrown in mass grave.

These reckless murders of civilians by the PP are clearly crime against humanity that require immediate attention of UN human rights council and other related international bodies. The PP government is repeatedly undertaking such cruel brutalities against Oromo people without any responsibility for human lives. Currently the PP ruling group is fully engaged in wiping out opposition parties, particularly Oromo political parties, institutions and the Oromo people’s community leaders. We are repeatedly warning the ruling group that these actions further worsen the multidimensional crises of the country.

We strongly denounce the Massacre of the above-mentioned Oromo youngsters and claim for independent investigations and bringing the perpetrators to justice. We also, denounce the widespread military campaign declared on Oromia with the secret mission of accomplishing Menelik Revival campaign and territorial expansion project at the cost of the lives of Oromo people. We caution the ruling party to stop destructive move immediately.

We have been urging the international community to monitor these crimes against humanity carried out on Oromo people since Dr. Abiy Ahmed came to power. Once more we ask the community particularly international Human Rights Commission to take immediate action and excel its responsibilities as set out in the international humanitarian laws and conventions.

We also ask the UNSC, AU peace and security bodies and the responsible world leaders to exert efforts in their capacities to protect Oromo and Ethiopian Civilians.

Victory to the Masses!

Oromo Liberation Front

December 19, 2021