OLF Denounces the Killings in Western Oromia(OLF Press release – November 3, 2020)


OLF Denounces the Killings in Western Oromia
(OLF Press release – November 3, 2020)

The OLF has learned from the state media that, on November 1, 2020, several innocent Oromia
citizens were killed in Western Oromia. OLF strongly condemns this and other killings that
have been taking place in different parts of Oromia. We express our condolences to the victims’
families, relatives, and friends with deep sadness.

As usual, the group that called themselves a government had accused the TPLF and the “ABOShane”

group of the current killing in Western Oromia. “ABO-Shane” was blamed for this
killing, but we have not come across any political organization or party with the name “ABO
Shane” or called itself as such. Apparently, “ABO-Shane” is mysterious and neither known to
the Ethiopian people nor the international community.

OLF would like to call for an independent and transparent investigation into this and other
killings. Also, the outcome of this independent investigation must be communicated
transparently to the victims’ families, the Ethiopian people, and the international communities.
The victims’ families deserve justice and appropriate compensation for their losses. OLF calls
upon everybody, including the Prosperity Party-affiliated media, to refrain from spreading
unfounded propaganda that creates mistrust among groups or nations that potentially lead to a
wider conflict.

Unless the country’s current violence and lack of peace and stability, particularly in Oromia, is
given due attention and sought a lasting solution, the current situation will worsen. In fact, OLF
warned about this unrest a while back and its consequences if remain un tackled. However, our
calls have fallen on deaf ears, and the current crisis is the direct result of the responsible body’s
inaction. OLF firmly believes establishing the Oromia National Transitional Government is the
only way to restore Oromia’s peace and stability and get out of this mess. Therefore, we call
upon all Oromia citizens and other stakeholders to execute their responsibilities and work
toward realizing the Oromia National Transitional Government.

Once again, OLF strongly denounces the killings of innocent citizens in Western Oromia, in
other places and generally war mongering situation. OLF also wishes comfort, strength, and
peace for the victims’ families.

Victory to the masses
Oromo Liberation Front
November 3, 202