OLF Calls Responsible UN Bodies and Stakeholders to Scale up their Efforts to Save Lives in Oromiya Regional State, Borana and Gujii Zones.



OLF Calls Responsible UN Bodies and Stakeholders to Scale up their Efforts to
Save Lives in Oromiya Regional State, Borana and Gujii Zones.

OLF had long warned and called upon all responsible UN organs and stakeholders
before the calamities mounted to the current disastrous scale. In October 2021, we
stressed that the drought in southern Oromiya would be one of the ugliest human

Indeed, the current human suffering in this zone and neighbouring Gujii zone is
incalculable. Watching suffering mothers, the elderly, the children and all types of
domestic and wild life is heartbreaking. Dead bodies of animals that are the sources of
human life in the region are scattered everywhere. No water, no pasture.
Even if drought is part of the environmental and climate change hazards, it is exacerbated
by the war, socio-political and economic conditions. Primarily, it is a strong indicator of
government failures. A stable and responsible government can surely minimize the
impacts. Appropriate early warning systems and efficient disaster management
mechanisms could have alleviated human suffering and the economic and social fallouts.
The government’s sole preoccupation has been on the wars it created in Tigray and
Oromiya, such that other social and economic concerns have been irresponsibly left
aside. Besides, denying and shying away from the real danger of drought and famine are
the defining characteristics of successive Ethiopian governments.
The humanitarian response by all responsible has been so slow, inefficient, too late and
too small. Coordination failures are at the heart of the challenge.
Yet, the current popular responses from our Oromo communities in the countryside and
worldwide are immensely elevating, hopeful, and encouraging. Our people’s unity and
compassion give great hope to those suffering in disaster scenes. We thank all for the
efforts so far. We also encourage various nongovernmental organizations, community
leaders, and activists to scale up their responses proportionate to the level of the disaster.
Last but not least, we strongly call on the international communities to lend a hand, as
they have been doing so far. The scale of the disaster is so severe to be averted by
Email: olfheadoffice@gmail.com
individual and compassionate community responses only. More coordination, additional
resources, and timely actions could only save lives.
We want to strongly remind that sustainable solution to these regions and all other
affected areas in East Africa is imperative and all concerned and responsible bodies has
the duty to fulfill not to avoid further catastrophe.
Victory for the Masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
February 27, 2023