The Prosperity Party Regime of Ethiopia Must Stop Inhuman and Cruel Massacres and Detentions of Family members of Oromo Opposition Parties, particularly the OLF




The Prosperity Party Regime of Ethiopia Must Stop Inhuman and Cruel Massacres and Detentions of Family members of Oromo Opposition Parties, particularly the OLF.

OLF Press Release – 18 March 2022


Although the killings and detentions of the Oromo people had been underway since Oromo nation failed under the Abyssinian colony, the recent level of atrocities are unimaginable. In the last 30 years hundreds of thousands of Oromos had been killed, disappeared, displaced, and forced to flee their country just because of their identity and political views. However, the last 3 years, since Dr. Abiy Ahmed came to power, the scope and cruelty level of the atrocities has reached an inconceivable stage. It is obvious that under the TPLF led EPRDF regime Oromos and Oromia citizens were the highest victims of the ruling party. We also witnessed atrocities and brutality on the family members of Oromo political players; but the level of today’s cruelty is shocking. Under the Prosperity Party led by Dr. Abiy Ahmed, not only the members and supporters of opposition political parties but also their families and extended family members who are not involved in political activities are rampantly victims.


If we look back to the last three years since Dr. Abiy came to power, the family members and any person that have blood relationship with the OLF members and supporters are hunted and killed or detained in many places across Oromia. We all witness ongoing atrocities in Wallagga, Gujii, Borena, Arsi, Bale, Hararge, Walloo and various parts of Central Oromia (Shawa) including Ambo, Waliso, Selale. The extension to these atrocities is the recent shocking incidents of killings and detention of the family members of the OLF leaders and members in West Oromia, Horro Guduru Zone.


1. West Oromia, Horro Guduru Zone, Horro District specific place known as Abuna, four family members of Mr. Dawud Ibsa, Chairman of the OLF had been killed by the government armed group, among which we find 16 years schoolboy. Another four of his family members had been kidnapped by the same armed group. The lists of killed are 1) Lalisee Shifarra Kumsaa (60 years woman), 2) Roobaa Firdiissa Jabeessaa (23 years man), 3) Qixxaataa Duulaa Abboomaa (16 years boy) and 4) Adaanech Abboomaa Duuressaa (30 years woman). The lists of detained are 1) Warqee Lamaa Qalbeessaa (23 yrs woman), 2) Ilfee Shifarraa Kumsaa (19 years girl), 3) Lalisee Taammaraa Asaffa (17 yrs student girl) and 4) Misgaanee Nagaasaa Shifarraa (26 years woman).


2. West Oromia, Horro Guduru Zone, Guduru District, specific place known as Wayyuu, the family of Mr. Lammii Benyaa, OLF senior member has been arrested. His father, two brothers, sister and mother had been victims of the prosperity party armed forces. Lists of victims are 1) Benyaa Qajeelaa (Lammi’s father), 2) Mother of Lammi Benya, 3) Hundee Benyaa (His brother whose whereabouts is unknown), 4) Sara Benyaa (his sister and a student who had been kidnaped from school). Nobody is allowed to visit his sister in prison. And shockingly the house of the family of Mr. Lammi Benya has been burned down by the armed prosperity party regime.


Also, many more victims can be listed similarly.


The OLF categorically denounces these cruel and barbaric acts of the prosperity party on the innocent families of individuals who struggle for freedom and democracy of Oromo people. These acts amount to crime against humanity as Oromo civilians are massacred by armed ruling group without any crime committed.


We would like to remind the Oromo people and Oromia citizens that these recent extended atrocities to the families of Oromo opposition parties aimed by the prosperity party ruling group to annihilate Oromo identity and nationalism and to obstruct the struggle of oppressed peoples for freedom and democracy. So, we would like to remind the Oromo people; Oromia citizens and the Ethiopian peoples stand in unison against the totalitarian prosperity party ruling group and fight for freedom and democracy for all peoples of Ethiopia.


Also, we ask the international community and international human rights organizations to put pressure on the Ethiopian ruling group to stop gross human rights violations in Ethiopia.

Victory to the Masses!


Oromo Liberation Front

March 18, 2022 Finfinne