The Oromo Liberation Front statement on the Invasion of Wallo Oromo Civilians by the Government of PP and the Amhara Regional State.


The Oromo Liberation Front statement on the Invasion of Wallo Oromo Civilians by the
Government of PP and the Amhara Regional State.
OLF Statement- April 21, 2022

The OLF believes that the government of Prosperity Party (PP) of Ethiopia led by Dr. Abiy Ahmed is
guided by the ‘Menelik II Revival ideology and Project’ from its inception. This involves encouraging
territorial expansion of the chauvinist groups and undermining and shrinking the borders of other
oppressed nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. In this destructive ideology, the government of PP is
quelling all dissent in the oppressed peoples and expanding the territorial expansion of the ruling group.
In this process most of the Amhara Region bordering nations and nationalities such as Oromia,
Benishangul Gumuz and Tigray regional states are victims. Particularly the Oromia region is attacked
from many directions including North, East and West and is constantly invaded by this government
sponsored expansionist groups. Most Regional Militias of Prosperity Party affiliated regional governments
and Eritrean Army are permanently involved in this nonstop devastating war in the last three years and
Although the war and systematic killings of civilians and expansionist campaigns had been underway for
the last three and half years, since Dr Abiy came to power, the current Wallo Oromos civilians’ killings
and displacement is outrageous. Currently, Amhara regional state, in collaboration with central
government, is waging widespread war on Wallo Oromo civilians. As we speak the Wallo Oromo civilians
including children and elderly are under Mob attack by the government backed terrorist groups known as
Amhara Fano, Amhara Militias, and associated groups. The killings of Wallo Oromo civilians are
ethnically targeted and indiscriminate; aimed to uproot the civilian farmers from their lands by burning
their homes, destroying their properties, taking livestock, and looting individual belongings.
The fact that this aggression is intensified during the Ramadan fasting month demonstrates the cruelty
and sinister motive of the regime on power on Wollo Oromo. The ruling group is undermining the Muslim
religion of which the majority of Wallo Oromos belongs and killing innocent civilians while they are fasting.
It also demonstrates the principle on which the Ethiopian Empire was built, i.e., one language, one
religion, one country.
In addition, the Ethiopian regime has intensified the war of aggression in other Oromia regions by
deploying more than 80,000 Ethiopian National Defense Force, Republican Guard, Eritrean Troops,
Amhara Militias, Amhara Fano terrorist group. The military is burning civilian homes along with their
livelihoods including homes, livestock, grains, and crops with a war of attrition designed to drive Oromo
children and families from their land. Therefore, the OLF strongly denounces this act of aggression and
would like to:
1. Call the immediate withdrawal of these invading forces from the Wallo region. We would like to stress
that the Government of PP led by Dr. Abiy Ahmed who has organized and deployed these terrorist
groups is accountable for killings and destruction in Wallo. OLF would again like to emphasize that
expanding conflicts among peoples has far reaching consequences on peace, security, and coexistence of the Ethiopian peoples and severely damage Ethiopia as a country.
2. Call the Amhara armed groups, the Amhara regional state and particularly the Amhara Elites to
refrain from their expansionist motives. Particularly we demand Amhara Militias and Fano to stop
this territorial expansion dream that has affected hundreds of thousands of lives of civilians and
damage the peaceful co-existence of the Amhara people with other nations and peoples of
3. Again, demand the withdrawal of Eritrean foreign troops from Oromia and ask the Eritrean people
to denounce such intervention by the Eritrean government as these affects the future relations of
Oromia and Eritrea.
4. Call the regional states and Militias of oppressed nations and nationalities who are involved in
Chauvinist groups expansion campaign to stop their involvement in this conflict. We particularly
would advise the Afar Militias, Somali Militias, and Southern Nationalities Militias to withdraw their
involvement in this campaign. The regional governments of these states take the responsibility of
the unwanted consequences that might follow if this continuous.
Finally, we call up Wallo Oromo to stand in unison in this difficult time to defend your homes, families,
and property from the aggressors. We also, call up on the wider Oromo community and Oromia citizens
inside and outside the country stand with your brothers and sisters in Wollo. The Oromo people and
Oromia citizens inside the country to stand in solidarity with Wallo Oromo with whatever means you can.
We ask the Oromo people abroad to support the Wallo Oromo in campaigning, being voice for them as
well as in mobilizing resources to reach out your brothers and sisters affected in Wallo region.
Once more we appeal to the international community and international human rights organizations to put
pressure on the Ethiopian ruling group to stop gross human rights violations and protracted war to stay
in power at the cost of human lives and destruction of the country.
Victory to the Masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
April 21, 2022