the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC)




To: the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC)
Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
From : Oromo Liberation Front , Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Ref: To bring the grave situation of members of leaders of the OLF in prison

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission was established as an autonomous organ to make
sure that human rights are protected, respected and fully enforced as well as to have the
necessary measures taken where they are found to be violated in any region of the country.
However, it is only recently, after almost two decades since its establishment in 2000, that the
commission was able to get rid of a grim shadow on its autonomy. Having watched its
operation over the past two years, we commend the reports of the Commission on egregious
violations on civilians at Mai Kadra, Metekel, Konso, Humera and others.
However, before and after the events that gave rise to these reports, massive violation were and
are taking place—including in the capital where the Commission is headquartered—on
members and the leadership of the OLF.
We bring to your attention very few examples of what we believe is the epitome of the myth of
justice sector reform in Abiy Ahmed’s Ethiopia:
1. Members of the leadership of OLF—including Abdi Ragasa, Michael Boran, Lami Begna,
Gemechu Ayana and Dawit Abdata—were bailed and/or acquitted for the fourth time by
courts at different levels:
2. First, the Sululta District court ordered their release on bail of 15,000 birr. The police
refused to free them.
3. Then, the High Court of Finfinnee Special Zone ordered their release; the prison
administration complied with the order. However, members of Oromia Special Police
swiftly rounded them up before they left the prison compound; they were then sent to
Sebeta prison.
4. The prosecutor now came up with a new charge on Abdi Ragaa, Lami Begna, and Dawit
Abdata along with other Oromo prisoners. The court then ordered their release on bail of
20,000 birr. To obstruct release, Abdi Ragasa was served with another charge while on trial;
Lami and Dawiit were released on bail, only to be locked up again within two weeks. The
prosecutor dropped the charges brought up on Mikael Boran, Kenasa Ayana, Abdulgafar,
and Colonel Gammachu Ayana. However, the police refused to let them go; locked them up
in Sidist Kilo secret prison. Colonel Gammachu was then taken from his prison cell to
تاريخ رقم Lakk.: 013/xly/abo/2021
جبهۃ تحـرير اورومـو
Meksico—Federal Police headquarters. By the order of the PM, charges that were
discontinued in the previous years were reopened. Gamachu was then taken to Kilinto,
Military Police Prison in Torhailoch, Kaliti prisons, now thrown in a dark room.
5. Just two weeks ago, Lami and Dawit were acquitted and the court ordered their release.
However, to no avail. They are still languishing in prison. Similarly, Galan district court
ordered the release of Michael, Kenasa, Abdugafar and Obsa. Only Abdugafar and Obsa are
6. After four rounds of a court-mandated release order are blatantly ignored, these members
of the OLF leadership remain in jail!
7. Aman File, a member of OLF’s central committee, locked up 10 months ago, was freed by
the district court of Burayu. The police, however, moved him across the country, and jailed
him in Yabello, at the Borana Zonal Police office. After that time, he was never brought
before any court; his whereabouts remain unknown.
8. Meti Milko, the secretary of OLF’s Chairman is languishing in a police station for four
months. No charges brought so far.
9. Gamachis Tolasa, a member of OLF’s central committee, was arrested while on duty in
Bedele (Ilu Ababora) four months ago. No court appearance, no charges brought.
The epitome of the fallacy of reform! The continuation of the norm!
Despite existing and new constraints on its operations, we would like to remind the
Commission of its duty to ensure human rights and freedoms provided for under the
Constitution are respected, mainly, by the government.
With Regards
Daawud Ibsaa
Chairman – Oromo Liberation Front
CC: To Members of Diplomatic Community
To Human Rights Organization