Statement of the OLF on mass eviction and mass killings 0f the Oromo People by the Ethiopian Government forces in Hammarreessas

Statement of the OLF on mass eviction and mass killings 0f the Oromo People by the Ethiopian Government forces in Hammarreessas.

Forced at a gun point by the Somali regional state of Ethiopia’s special police forces, 10, 000 Oromo left behind their houses and belongings in Somali region by 80 trucks and camped at Hammarreesssa, few Kilometers north of the town of Harar on the night of September 15, 2017. The following day, on the morning of September 16, 2017, these dispossessed and displaced Oromo camped in Hammarreessaa peacefully demanded humanitarian assistance from the Ethiopian government; but were attacked by special force called “Agazi”, purely commanded and controlled by Tigrean nationals. As a result, ten Oromo civilians lost their lives while an unidentified number of them were also wounded in this camp. With deep sorrow and anger, we express this murder as deliberate mass killing perpetrated against the Oromo people.

With these mass killings happening repeatedly on Oromo, Ethiopian government’s continued Genocide against the Oromo people is definitely reaching its climax stage. It’s a fresh in our memory that, several times in the past, by denying Oromo prisoners: food, water and medicine, the same government subjected thousands of Oromo to death whose secrete graves were later discovered.

The Oromo Liberation Front strongly believes that with an aim of persecution and continuously evicting the Oromo nation from their land, this planned evil and continuous mass killings perpetrated against the Oromo nation will only come to an end only by bringing an end to this tyrannical regime. To realize this objective and for our peace and freedom to be materialized, to assure our survival and the future survival of our children to be secured: all the OLF civil structures, all Zonal Oromo Liberation Army, Oromo Liberation Front Youth Wing (the Qeerroo), all Oromians inside Oromia and abroad, should step up their role in the liberation struggle; work in more in unison and put the last nail into the coffin of this occupation force in Oromia. Since there is no tomorrow without today, let’s stand up today as brave Oromo sons and daughters to defend the survival of our nation.

Victory to the Oromo People!

Oromo Liberation Front

September 16, 2017