Resolutions of the Oromoo Liberation Front National Council

Resolutions of the Oromoo Liberation Front National Council (OLF-NC)

(December 27, 2016)

The Oromo Liberation Front National Council (OLF-NC) held its regular meeting from December 16th to 25th, 2016 and passed pertinent resolutions after careful evaluations of the organization’s performances and analysis of issues that affect the Oromo national liberation struggle.

The Oromo liberation struggle for the right of self-determination led by the OLF enjoys overwhelming participation of the Oromo people, who continue to pay unparalleled sacrifices. The ongoing non-violent uprising led by the Oromo youth, the Qeerroo, in particular has gained far reaching popularity across the world and support not only from the Oromo people but also from others has shaken the regime to its foundation. However, this non-violent movement is being met with unparalleled cruelty from the government.

Despite Ethiopian government’s genocidal campaigns to suppress the Oromo national liberation struggle, the achievements registered by our organization and the Oromo people in general, during the recent months in particular, has been commended by the Council. The Council has further resolved that the OLF shall continue to play the leading role and further intensify the struggle using all available means till the liberation of Oromo people is achieved.

The Council fully recognizes the immense sacrifices made by the Oromo people in intensifying the ongoing liberation struggle in the recent past. The sacrifices made by the OLF members in general and the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), cadres and the Oromo Youth National Movement (Qeerroo) in particular have brought our liberation struggle to a new height. In particular, the Council applauded the non-violent moment of the Oromo people, Amhara, Sidamo, Konso and others, that has exposed the savage nature of the regime. The Council urges all these elements of the liberation forces and others to redouble their efforts to further intensify the struggle till final victory is attained.

The Council has discussed in depth the necessity and importance of unity of purpose on the Oromo national liberation struggle among Oromo nationals of all walks of life, at this particular time than ever before. The council reaffirming its full commitment to the achievement of the Oromo people’s right to self-determination and strongly urges all Oromo political forces and others to put aside their minor tactical differences and stand shoulder to shoulder to combat the Ethiopian colonial rule that is an existential threat to all of us. The Council also appraised the progress made in the implementation of the agreement recently signed with three other Oromo political organizations and instructed the Executive Committee to continue to fulfill the organization’s obligations contained in the agreement

The Council has discussed in depth the enemy’s unrelenting effort to foment division among the oppressed people of the Empire and decided to continue the OLF’s commitment to strengthen the People’s Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (PAFD). In addition, the Council has instructed the Executive Committee to further broaden the holly alliance of PAFD program and embrace all nations and nationalities that aspire for the right of self-determination.

The Council strongly admonishes the brutal regime of Ethiopia, led by the Tigrean political elites who are the enemy of the people including the Tigrean people, for its unrelenting cruel acts of genocide against the civilian population. The regime has continued targeting the Oromo people with brutal force. More than any time, the Oromo people are subjected to extrajudicial killings, disappearance, torture, mass arrest, harassment, banishment and imprisonment in villages, towns and cities. We call upon all forces in Ethiopia opposed to the regime and struggling for liberation, freedom and peace to rise up in unison and get rid of this brutal and inhuman regime.

The unremitting gross violation of dignity and the inalienable right to freedom of the Oromo people and of others by the incumbent Ethiopian regime has been the source of political crisis, sufferings of the population and instability in general in the Ethiopian empire and in the Horn of Africa as a whole. The Council has come to realize that the international community, except a few human rights organizations, has turned blind eye to the injustices perpetrated by the TPLF/EPRDF regime against the Oromo people and others. Despite credible reports by Human Rights Organizations and Media about the misuse of the assistance given to the regime some western governments in particular have continued to actively support the tyrannical regime by providing the means of persecution. The Oromo Liberation Front National Council strongly urges these governments to review their policies towards this oppressive regime and instead back the genuine struggle of the people for freedom and equality which could serve for lasting peace.

Victory to the Oromo People!

Oromoo Liberation Front National Council.

December 27, 2016

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