OLF Calls Upon all Oromos to Defend Themselves in Any Form Possible.


OLF Calls Upon all Oromos to Defend Themselves in Any Form Possible.
OLF Press Release – December 06 2022

The invasion of Oromo land, brutal killings, displacement, rape, etc., have reached their
zenith. The terrorist Fano militia (the Ethiopian Interhamwey) that was trained and armed
by the Government led by the Prsoperty Party is undertaking a final showdown on
Oromiya. Oromo has not encountered such scale of cruelty since Minilik invasion, mass
killings and genocidal war in its long history of Abyssinia colonialism. The current
predicament of the Oromo is unparalleled.
Menelik’s campaign in the 19th century against the Oromo cut the breast of mothers and
the hands of men. During the time of the Prosperity Party, brutal forces cut the heads of
innocent Oromos footage shown in Bure town, Gojjam, impaled on sticks; burned dead
bodies, and chanted a victory song. Enough is enough. We can’t tolerate barbarism
sponsored by Prosperity Party anymore.
Oromo has not crossed any boundary. It has not invaded the territory of others. Oromo
amicably lived with other people, including those who inflicted humilation against the sons
and daughters of the Oromo. Oromo has fed them. Oromo has protected them. Oromo
Loved them and allowed them to live in peace even at the cost of life, land and villages.
The responses from the settlers, however, are brutality and disrespect. Oromos have the
right to defend themselves in their fatherland.
The OLF calls upon all Oromos from all walks of life to rise and defend their territory,
children, mothers, wives and the elderly. We should not shoulder the disgrace anymore. It
is the duty and responsibility of every Oromo to intensify his/her struggle against. Selfdefense is a human right.
Students in high schools and universities, teachers at all levels, peasants in rural areas, and
the Qeerroo should defend themselves. We should and could not accept death and
humiliation at our homestead.
Oromos should protect their unity. The death of one Oromo is the death of all Oromos.
Humiliation for one Oromo is humiliation for all Oromos. Oromos should rise from every
corner and stand against brutality and embarrassment perpetrated by Prosperity Party
killing machines. Our unity and perseverance led to change in the EPRDF government in
It is long now that the Prosperity Party security institution has turned savage by burning
villages after villages, attacking civilians by heavy artillery, bombing towns and villages
and killing school children, bombing religious gatherings and markets killing in hundreds.
Administration is broken everywhere in Oromia for long. Now therefore, the OLF calls on
Oromo again to vigorously work to materialize the Oromia Regional National Transitional
Government to avoid further catastrophe.
Last but not least, OLF vehemently assures everyone that the question raised by teachers
in Oromia and protest by youth (Qeerroo) is justifiable. Every Oromo should support and
stand by their legitimate demands and actions.
Victory to the Masses!
Oromo Liberation Front
December 06, 2022