Condolences and Brief History of Dr. Taddesse Ebba (aka Dr. Fido)


Condolences and Brief History of Dr. Taddesse Ebba (aka Dr. Fido)

OLF Press Release

May 6, 2022


Dr. Fidoo Taddasaa Eebba aka Dr Fidoo Ebba was born in 1943 from his father Obbo Eebbaa Fidoo and his mother adde Dashii Tufaa in Guduruu village, Qote Gennaasii, Najjoo, Western Wallaga, Oromia. He grew up in in rural agricultural environment helping his parents with all sorts of farming hardship activities.


He attended elementary school from grade one to eighth grade at Swedish Evangelical Mission School in Najjoo, West Oromia. He pursued his high school education at Jimma Agricultural School, University education at Haroo Maya Agricultural College in East Oromia, graduating with a distinction for BSC degree in 1965. By continuing his post-graduate education, he earned an MSC degree from Wisconsin State University in the USA, and a Ph.D. degree in Genetics from British Columbia University, in Canada in 1974. Returning to Ethiopia, he taught at Haroo Maya College and worked at Ethiopian Research Institute until 1978. He established the Ethiopian Gene Bank under the Research Institute and became one of the known scientists of his day.


His remarkable achievements are not only success in his profession but also he made huge contribution to the Oromo freedom struggle. From his early age he was gathering information about Oromo history, culture, administrative system and ways of lives to raise the awareness of Oromo people. He authored a book known as “Oromia: A Brief Introduction to the history of the Oromo People” that was a ground-breaking contribution in revealing the Oromo identity and creating Oromo nationalism we are proud of today.


He joined the Oromo Liberation Front at his early age, was one of founding members of the OLF and continuously participated in the struggle at various levels including at top leadership for more than 40 years with a high level of determination for his people’s cause. He was arrested for some months in 1978 allegedly for being an OLF member. Dr. Fido was self-exiled in 1979, leaving behind his wife, two infants and a high-paying professional job as a scientist. Due to his great contribution, high level of commitment and patience he has become a central pillar of the Oromo struggle for many years.


His contribution in the struggle for freedom and democracy goes beyond Oromo people and Oromia. He was collaborating with other Kush people and other oppressed communities including Nubiya, Dungula, Nuwer, and Dinkaa, to campaign for freedom, democracy and equality to all peoples and to establish lasting peace and co-existence in the horn of Africa.


Dr. Fido was a scientist, a political, human rights campaigner and peace-loving individual that is missed not only by Oromos but by all peace-loving peoples.


The OLF would like to pass heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and all Oromo people. OLF also would like to pass its message to the Oromo people, Oromia citizens and other oppressed people to commit yourself to struggle for freedom and democracy for oppressed people and realized the cause that Dr. Fido has committed to throughout his life.


Victory to the masses!


Oromo Liberation Front


May 6, 2022