Addressing People’s Legitimate Demands is the only Solution

Addressing People’s Legitimate Demands is the only Solution

Oromo Liberation Front, October 23, 2019

The Oromo people has played a significant role in the struggle to remove the dictatorial Ethiopian ruling element that was oppressive, corruptive, deceptive, militarily violent and hostile to its people. Particularly, one can speak in confidence that in last 27 years EPRDF’s rule, the Oromo people’s struggle was immense, and the people paid huge sacrifices in terms of loss of lives, imprisonment, displacement, poverty and destitution more than every other nations in the country. It is obvious that the glimpse of change we see in the country today is the outcome of the sacrifice of thousands of Oromo people’s lives which deserves respect and recognition.

However, it is sad that the Oromo people is not part of the beneficiaries of the change but rather became the worst victims of the system that controlled the political power once more. The individuals, groups or organizations who fought for bringing up the current change (change makers) had been side-lined, ignored and became even victims. The current leadership, who came to power by the waves of Oromo struggles, became enemies to the change makers. Contrary to the real fact, the change makers are considered by the government as obstacles and anti-change agenda.

Today the Oromo people who brought this change through heavy sacrifice of their lives and livings not alone prohibited from getting benefit of the change but also their safety and security is in danger on daily basis. Currently, the lives and living conditions of the Oromo people became in utmost danger than previous regime. The whole Western and Southern regions of Oromia are under military Command posts for more than last nine months. The Oromo people in these regions are suffering under aggressive military rule that includes killing, arresting, brutalizing, raping, physical and mental torturing and confiscating their private properties by the Ethiopia’s Defense force.

While there are other Ethiopian Medias that spread hate speech and preaches partial propaganda for only specific people’s supremacy are operating freely, it is paradoxical for Oromo people that OMN and its Director, Jawar Mohammed, is targeted maliciously by the Federal Government element. OMN simply broadcast about Oromo people’s movement and the human rights abuses.

In general, under Dr Abiy rule, the Oromo people have been victimized, their questions ignored, and their voice undermined more than any time. The Oromo people and peace loving people’s in general should not allow this dangerous situation that aims to reverse the change for freedom and democracy. If the situation is not averted on time, the danger to the Oromo people is even harshest and it is worrying that the security situation in Oromia even become worst. It is our believe that some government official speeches, writings, and state sponsored media simulated, aggravated and fuelled this instability, insecurity and chaos. Therefore, the incumbent government who created this chaos and using it as a mechanism to consolidate power is responsible for the current tragedy and the problems that may come.

Once more, we want to highlight that the solution to these crises in the country would only be listening to peoples’ questions with respect and dignity and addressing the issues in fair and democratic manner.

Victory To The Mass !

Oromo Liberation Front
October 23, 2019