The Peoples’ Alliance for Freedom and Democracy Statement on the Current Situation in Ethiopia

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By admin on January 10, 2016.

pafdThe current situation in Ethiopia is no longer tenable and unless urgent measures are taken it will bring unmanage-able chaos in the Horn of Africa worse than the current situation in the Middle East.

In 1992 and 1994, the Ethiopian regime declared an all out war against the civilian population in many parts in Oromia, Ogaden and the rest of Ethiopia creating humanitarian and human rights Catastrophe, hundreds of thou-sands were killed, detained, tortured or forcefully dislocated from their lands.

Today the Ethiopian regime is embarking on campaign to commit grave violation of human rights and suppression of all democratic rights it even recognizes in its nominal constitution. The Oromo people whose democratic rights were never respected and subjected to consistent human right violations massively are now being systematically uprooted from their ancestral lands around Addis Ababa under the pretext of development. Similar atrocities are being committed against the people in Sidama, Gambela, Beni-shangul, Amhara,and other states.

The current popular uprising in Oromia is not only about the Addis Ababa Integrated Master Plan or about Oromo land and Oromo people’s demand alone. It is also popular uprising against the habitual and vicious atrocities com-mitted against all peoples in Ethiopia. It is a movement to achieve in practice the full exercise of the self-determination, democratic rights and peace for all other nations and peoples in Ethiopia.

The Oromo people have challenged the EPRDF tyrannical rule and demonstrated their readiness and ability that change is feasible in Ethiopia. What stands between the aspiration for freedom and democracy and its realization is the unwillingness of the authoritarian EPRDF regime to submit to the expressed will of the people. Instead, the re-gime perpetrates flagrant human rights violations and fails even to respect and abide by its own constitution.

Due to the grave and real danger posed by the current Ethiopia regime to all peoples in Ethiopia, PAFD calls upon all the peoples of Ethiopia, and all political forces both at home and abroad, to rise up in unison against the regimes injustice and crimes.

Furthermore, PAFD calls upon all political forces struggling for a democratic change in Ethiopia to work for the fundamental change and convening of an inclusive conference, which would facilitate a way towards the establish-ment of a transitional order in Ethiopia that will respect freedom, democracy and the right of nations to self-determination.

The Alliance call upon the ruling party to stop its brutal use of excessive force and bid to the realization of the yearning of the people for peace, freedom and democracy, otherwise they will be responsible for catastrophe that will result from coming genocide against the peoples in Ethiopia.

In addition, PAFD calls upon the international community to condemn the flagrant violations of the Human rights of the all peoples in Ethiopia and send an urgent fact-finding mission to Oromia.

PAFD strives for a political change and for a just and genuinely representative transitional democratic political or-der in Ethiopia.

Issued by PAFD
January 10, 2015