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By admin on December 4, 2015.

asxaa_oromoThe OLF Executive Committee (EX-Committee) held its regular session from 22nd to 30th of November, 2015 and deliberated on several important current issues and made resolutions relevant to the ongoing Oromo people’s liberation struggle.

The Ex-Committee considered in depth the situation in the Ethiopian empire and the condition of the Oromo people in particular. Also, it analyzed the political and military situations in the Empire and the wider Horn of Africa region in general as it relates to the Oromo people’s liberation struggle. Even though the regime continues to intensify its human right violation of the Oromo people, the existing situation in general is favorable to our struggle.

The EX-Committee further deliberated on the continued gross human rights violations of the Oromo people and others by the Ethiopian regime. Today the regime is expanding its savage attack on Oromo people in all corners of Oromia. In rural areas, the regime is uprooting farmers from their ancestral land and destroying the scared sites and the rich and unique plant and animal resources. It is selling and leasing the land to foreigners and its local darlings on long term basis. The people who are uprooted and became landless in this process are perishing from natural and the regime-made famine. Today, that millions are affected by famine is well known to the international community. The OLF Ex-Committee resolved to do what is possible to support the people’s movement against the regime’s land-grab policy in Oromia.

The ongoing campaign under what the regime calls Addis Ababa Mater Plan is destroying the livelihood  of thousands of Oromo in the vicinity of the capital, Finfinnee (Addis Ababa). In reality, through this program, the regime is perpetrating genocide on the identity and culture of the Oromo people. High school, college and university students and the Oromo public at large oppose the Master Plan, persecution and brutal oppression of the Oromo people in general. The peaceful demonstrators against the plan have been met with brutal attack from the regime’s special forces that shot and killed hundreds of students all over Oromia. In addition, hundreds of students have been expelled from schools, killed, savagely beaten and imprisoned. The cruelty of the regime’s forces is unparallel. The peaceful demonstrations and the vicious attacks by the regime are ongoing at this moment.

The Ex-Committee condemning the savage act of the regime calls on the Oromo Liberation Army, cadres, other members and Oromo nationalists in general to intensify their effort to defend the Oromo people from the regime that is targeting and massacring our youth (Qeerroo) in particular. The Ex-Committee calls on the international community, particularly governments that are maintaining the Ethiopian regime on power through their military, diplomatic and financial supports, to put pressure on the regime to stop the massacre of Oromo youth and solve the political problems through peaceful means.

Victory to the Oromo people!

Executive Committee

December 01, 2015